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One pan veggies for the week!

I'd say about 50 % of the time my food would fit into the "vegetarian" category. I often substitute animal protein for Extra firm tofu, Beyond meat Burgers or simply just a big heaping bowl of Veggies. But if you are like me and really dislike prepping vegetables for every meal, then THIS IS YOUR SOLUTION!

Welcome to #onepanveggies

This pan includes

-Spaghetti Squash

-Brussel Sprouts

-Colored Carrots

-Sweet onion

-3 small red potatoes (or you can use yukon golds, I just happened to have red on hand)

Pre heat the oven to 400degrees

Cut the stem end off of your squash and slice it long ways down the middle. Coat with your oil of choice, this time I used EVOO

Chop all your veggies into similar sizes except for the brussel sprouts. Just cut the bottoms off of them and leave them whole.

Coat all veggies in your oil of choice and season.

My seasoning for this batch includes:

-kosher salt

-black pepper

-smoked paprika

-nutritional yeast sprinkles

-lemon juice

Put your squash face down (it is face up in the picture) and pour the rest of the veggies around the squash. Disperse them evenly and pop them in the oven.

I set the timer for 20 min

Take it out shake it up and put it back in until the brussel sprouts are crispy and the potatoes are cooked all the way through. This time could vary depending on your oven, amount of veggies and the pan you use. Normally I put them back in for about 15 min.

When you are done cooking it you can separate your "spaghetti" with a fork and scoop the "noodles" into your hot pan. I like to mix up the squash with a little more salt and pepper.

This should set you up with a variety of great bulk veggies for a few days. To either add to a protein of your choice OR to eat as is. With the Veggies as a topping to your "spaghetti" squash.

ENJOY! as always, if you have some variations or questions, please post them in the comments!

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