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If you can Grow it or Kill it......

I need boundaries and mindset in order to be successful in anything that may be a struggle for me. Especially when it comes to food.

I happen to do really well with programs.

Rules, a list of "NO" foods, requirements like a shake or meal bar, supplement regimen, and even a workout requirement. I have to go into an all or nothing mindset in order to achieve my goals. Issues? Maybe you can relate..... but that's why we are here folks.

So what DO we eat? The mindset I have used for years is

"If you can GROW it or KILL it, you can EAT IT"

Sorry Aunt Carol :( She's a vegan and she would hate that phrase.

So let's break it down.

  • You can grow potatoes, you most definitely cannot grow french fries.

  • You can kill a chicken (chicken breast, ground chicken) you cannot kill fried chicken

Does this make sense? Don't overthink it. I mean if we went completely by this phrase then we would only be eating raw meat and veggies. But, it's a great general mindset.

I know Whole 30 is super fad-y right now, but the "Grow it or Kill it" mindset has been around forever, and is essentially just a super black and white way of eliminating processed foods.

Speaking of vegetarian/vegan........ Just because you CAN eat meat doesnt mean you have to everyday. I am a self proclaimed carnivore. I love my steak, chicken and fish. But honestly, if I take a look at my week, I only consume it about 2 days a week. They rest of the week I get my protein form non GMO soy based products, eggs (from happy chickens) beans, and grain.

SO let's break down a good plate

25% Carbohydrate I know I know, it's a scary word. But here's the deal, if you can grow it, you can eat it, especially in appropriate portions.

Some of my favorites are

  • Wild/brown rice combo cooked in Veggie or Chicken broth

  • Roasted potato or sweet potato with sweet onion, garlic salt and pepper

  • Tri colored Quinoa with fresh garlic and sea salt

25% Protein Let's think lean. One thing to keep an eye out for is the ground meat you buy. Make sure it doesnt just say lean, but actually has the fat break down on it. For example, the ground beef we buy our dog is 73/27 (73% meat, 27%fat)

The misconception is that, just because you are buying chicken or turkey doesnt mean that it's automatically lean. You need to check your fat % on those meats as well. You also want to stay away from deli meats and cured meats.

Here are some of my go to protein options.

  • Ground Chicken sautéed with coconut oil, fresh garlic, and green onions.

  • Extra Firm non GMO tofu sautéed with coconut oil and Bragg's aminos.

  • Baked chicken breast with crumbled cashews, lemon juice, pepper and nutritional yeast

50% Veggie There are SO many options for this! Veggies can actually be super fun and tasty, and the best part about them, besides being packed with nutrients, is that they are FILLING! Here are some great options.

  • My one pan Veggie dish

  • Broccoli and cauliflower florets (Thank you to Trader Joe's for doing all the hard work) Roasted with lemon juice, coconut oil and lemon pepper

  • Green beans sautéed with crimini mushrooms, fresh garlic, sea salt and pepper

Look at that! Some delicious options!

If you can only grow it or kill it, you eliminate all processed and packaged options. Keeping you shopping on the outskirts of the store. Produce, butcher, eggs, grain, thats about all you need. I do have 3 exceptions to this rule. Hummus, greek yogurt, and organic tofu. These are great clean and beneficial protein options if you don't eat a lot of meat.

So what do you think of the "GROW IT OR KILL IT" mindset? Does it help simplify things for you?

Let us know in the comments below! We would also love to hear your ideas!

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