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Snacks!? Try this berry topped Rice cake with a protein punch.

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Snacks can be tough. They need to be filling yet not just made up of empty calories.

I tend to stick to the "If you can grow it or kill it you can eat it" mindset. Which most of the time eliminates any bread, or processed carbohydrates. With one exception. I love organic brown rice cakes. You can find them at Trader Joes, Sprouts, Wholefoods, or most any store that carries organic products. You do want to make sure that your rice cakes are certified organic though. Rice is one of those foods that ca be scary when it comes to contaminates if not organic. ( but that subject is for a whole new blog)

When you want things to be delicious AND good for you!

All you need are

-Your rice cakes

-Your favorite organic UNSALTED nut butter ( I prefer almond or cashew butter, you get more bang for your buck when it comes to nutritional content and calories)

-Berries! whatever berries are organic and on sale are my pick for shopping.

Let's face it. Organic can be more important in some foods than others, and berries are absolutely one of those foods. BUT they can be expensive, so don't discriminate on your berry type, but most definitely find whatever is on sale. Tip: If you notice a new huge shipment of gorgeous raspberries at your market, chances are those same berries will be on sale in a couple days.

Load up your rice cake with your nut butter and top with your washed cold berries.

It's filling, delicious, nutritious, and a great early afternoon refreshing snack.

*To get even more creative, or if you have nut allergies, try it with unsweetened greek yogurt instead of nut butter. You can drizzle it with honey once you top it with berries.

As always, if you have a similar recipe that you want to share with others please post it in the comments.

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