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HomeMade KOMBUCHA Tutorial

If you have known me for even a week, you know that I have to have my Kombucha!

So here's the deal. 4 years ago this last April my husband and I stopped drinking Alcohol. Before that my husband would brew beer at home, and it was so cool to have something to drink that was homemade. It just tasted better.

Since we don't drink soda, or alcohol, or anything artificially sweetened, I did have a craving for something bubbly and tasty. Coincidentally, shortly after, I developed pretty sever acid reflux that was affecting my singing voice. Being the crunchy chick that I am, I wanted the most natural remedy possible. So, besides my regimen of supplements and probiotics, Kombucha seemed like a great addition! But let me tell you, it can get expensive! I had to figure out how to maintain my Kombucha addiction without breaking our bank! I always wanted to make it myself at home, but Marc was skeptical.

Luckily our good friend Kristina started her own homemade booch brew, and we were able to taste it. Ps. It was delicious! Then for Christmas last year Marc hooked me up with all the supplies I needed. Kristina supplied me with our first S.C.O.B.Y.

What the heck is a S.C.O.B.Y?




B-acteria and


Think of the scoby as like the coral reef for Yeast and Bacteria. Sounds gnarly right? But instead of gross yeast and bacteria, this is filled with amazing probiotics and digestive benefits. It creates natural carbonation and flavor!

Check out my Kombucha tutorial along with a list of everything you need to get started below!

Here is what you need

Starter SCOBY

2 Gallon Mason Jar

Upgraded Spicket

Bottles with tops and gaskets

Heating Mat

Organic Grape Juice

Green and Black Tea

Organic Cane Sugar

I almost forgot a link to my favorite dish soap!

If you have any questions, please comment below and I'd be happy to help. Also if you want more information on my supplement regimen for acid reflux, email me at ashley@unfilteredlife.net

( I do not own the rights to the music in my video)

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