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Don't judge a book by it's cover......

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Here I am at The Ritz Carlton Bacara in Santa Barbara. This place is insanely gorgeous. Just stepping foot on the property makes you feel like you are instantly on vacation. You see pictures like this all the time from people on Insta or FB.

When I see pics like this, part of me is like, "I want to do that, she's so lucky" and the other part of me is like "Is she really staying there? can she afford that? I know I can't"

I know, so judge-y, but more importantly, so COMPARATIVE!

I was walking around with my husband, mom and daughter and was thinking, the people here probably think we are staying here. I should take a picture and blog about this, because I wonder how many pictures I see of people doing something "cool" and "expensive" who are doing exactly what we are doing. Essentially trespassing, LOL!

We took a day trip, Ie. drove up to Santa Barbara, with my mom to show her around and give her a nice day with beautiful views. She's from Arizona and loves to be around the water when she visits.

So let's break it down. Here's the reality.

We are not staying at the Ritz Carlton, in fact we snuck onto the property to explore and walk the pebble beach they have with Ziah, she is currently obsessed with rocks.

Is this spot cool? Ziah with all her rocks! "I wanna stand with Mama"

With cool exposure and a beautiful location, you can make it seem like you are living a life so differently from what is true.

We drove up, ate lunch somewhere else, because let's be honest, we can't afford to eat there. The cute glasses I have on were a gift from my sister. Actually now that I think about it, she gave me those levi's too. That tank I got at a warehouse sale, because let's be honest, I only spend money on clothes for Ziah any more. AAAND the pics were taken from my 2 generation behind iPhone that we put on a credit card when we bought it because we couldn't afford to pay for it up front at the time. SO? lol

Can you imagine how many people compare themselves to what they see in a photo? Not to judge the person in the pic, but rather put themselves down in a way for not living up to fake expectations that you see in a filtered, edited, staged frame. This is not real life people!

I'm all for taking pics that are beautiful, and exploring amazing, fun places. I'm just hoping that the person posting is transparent about the reality, and the person viewing, doesn't compare their life, image, or status to what they "think" they are seeing in a picture.

As always, my goal is to help others trust in who they are and what they have, and knowing that they are loved and valued, no matter how cool their insta feed is, or how many followers they have.

Have a blessed transparent day y'all!

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