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Can you take a hint?

Take it slow. Slow down. Chill out. One thing at a time. Enjoy the moment......

These are just a few of the hints I have been getting in the last few months.

But in the last 24 hours, THREE SEPARATE things have jumped out at me, and they all spoke pretty clear. SLOW DOWN.

Hint #1

Sunday I had the pleasure of singing all day with my friend and co Author of The Daily Soul Sessions , Kate Coppola. She shared with me that her older sister had been in a car accident. Thank God everyone was OK, but it could have easily been a different story. While going through a yellow light there was a collision. The driver said, "If I had just slowed down this wouldn't have happened" That hit me. Either because I've had this conscious effort to slow down in all I do lately ( I said effort, I didn't say I actually achieve it) or whether this was just God's way of solidifying that I was on the right track with this.

When I see a yellow light, the instinct is to speed up. When I have a car full of groceries I try to take EVERY. SINGLE. BAG inside the first time instead of taking multiple trips. I'm the momtrepreneur, that is listening to a growth podcast while doing the dishes and simultaneously cooking dinner and doing all the laundry, in between writing this blog and wiping dog slobber off my toddler. Does this sound familiar?

Hint #2

I had a physical therapy appointment today. I'm working on correcting a combination of previous dance injuries, post "growing, carrying and birthing a human" and the after effects of such an event like Diastisis Recti and all sorts of other fun stuff that isn't where it's supposed to be. But that's all for another blog. PS. If those topics appeal to you, please email me. Because I am absolutely serious about sharing my story and helping as many mamas as possible get this stuff corrected sooner than later. But I digress

Anyhow, I'm a great student when it comes to physical stuff, and always do my homework. My therapist, Gail, let me know she could tell I was doing my exercises, but that I needed to take the time to slow down and breathe. She told me that they are working, but if I take the time to breath through my exercises my results will be better. It's about relaxing, not just accomplishing. I'm like, "Here we go again" OK, I'm starting to get the point.

Hint #3

I finished up my appointment, stopped at a nearby Bristol Farms to pick up some kombucha, a snack, and put on my current favorite podcast to get through the hour+ car ride home. Hey even if the only time you have to slow down is in the car, you have to take it, right?

This podcast was an episode sharing about an influencer who is a physical therapist who spends her time educating others about mobility. Coincidence? haha No, not at this point. She continued to say that there is actual evidence supporting that when you are not being conscious of your breathing you brain can remain in a stressful state. When your brain is in a stress state, your muscles will not respond to the work you are doing. She said "You have to SLOW DOWN" Do you exercises the right way.

OK, OK, I'm listening. Again, I was already trying to focus on this because it is something I am sorely lacking, and it is starting to affect my life in a negative way. So maybe I noticed this message again because I was listening, or maybe God just needed to give me a few obvious knocks on the noggin to really not only listen, but to act. See, thats the tricky part. Not just the listening, but taking the action to support it. Stay tuned on my journey to slowing down. My hope is to have some tips and tricks to share with you all on accomplishing this in our all too busy lives.

Matthew 11:28-30

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

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